Anhydrous ammonia

Manufacturing, delivery and delivery of services on introduction of anhydrous ammonia by modern technology of world manufacturers.

Anhydrous ammonia NH3 – an effective, highly concentrated nitrogen fertilizer containing 82.2% nitrogen.

Liquid (anhydrous) ammonia is a colorless gas that condenses at -33.5 ° C and freezes at -77.7 ° C.

The most concentrated and the most cheap nitrogen fertilizer. Main benefits of anhydrous ammonia:

-increasing grain yield and quality;

-defense of the cost of work compared with solid nitrogen fertilizers;

– reduction of the cost of PMM and labor costs;

– contributes to the partial destruction and submergence of soil pests in the upper layer of soil;

-reduces the need for desalting the soil (liming);

– Under the influence of anhydrous ammonia in the soil, the number of mobile forms of phosphorus, potassium and trace elements increases, which improves the mode of plant nutrition.

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