Fertilizers brand CAS

CAS (Carbamide-ammonium mixture) is a mixture of aqueous solutions of urea and ammonium nitrate (ratio of 35.4% of carbamide H2N-CO-NH2, 44.3% of NH4NO3, 19.4% of H2O water, 0.5% of NH3-ammonium water -H2O).
KAS produces three types of 28,30 and 32.

CAS has a wide range of uses: for root vegetative nutrition, main plowing and pre-sowing cultivation, for application to or after sowing on the surface of the soil.

The carbamide-ammonia mixture contains ammonium, amide and nitrate forms of nitrogen, which makes the fertilizer prolonged, and plants are provided with three forms of nitrogen throughout the growing season.

All forms of fertilizers are not volatile and do not cause nitrogen losses, therefore it can be introduced superficially without wrapping in the soil. Nitrate and ammonium forms are directly available to plants. At first, plants absorb nitrate nitrogen, which is very mobile in the soil.

CAS has a number of advantages over solid fertilizers both in terms of agrochemical activity, as well as during transportation, storage and in the process of introduction. Carbamide-ammonia mixture is transported in railway or automotive tanks. Low temperature of crystallization – 2 ° С and freezing – 26 ° С allows to transport and store КАС all year round. The physical and chemical properties of fertilizers do not change within 8-12 months. Nitrogen losses are practically absent. After freezing, the properties of the CAS are fully restored.

In the main, it is a highly effective fertilizer, equivalent to ammonium nitrate or urea, acting on crop yields. CAS practically does not contain free ammonia, which excludes nitrogen losses during loading, transportation, storage and introduction.

It can be made using high-performance aggregates without simultaneous loading into the soil, as well as with irrigation water. The solution contains an inhibitor of corrosion to protect equipment made of carbon steel.

During the application, high precision of the dosage and the uniformity of the placement on the surface of the soil are achieved. The use of CAS can be combined with trace elements, pesticides, plant growth regulators, which minimizes the cost of their use.

KAS fertilizer can be used for all crops, but most appropriate – for grain cereal crops as the main fertilizer or for fertilization. In the production conditions, as a result of more uniform application of the soil, the efficiency of fertilizer KAS compared with solid nitrogen fertilizers is much higher.

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